Remote controls, VCRs, DVDRs etc. which can be used with Red-Eye

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Codes etc. for programmable remotes, VCRs, DVD Recorders and other equipment

Please see this page for info on getting the most reliable channel selection  for timed recordings with VCRs,DVDRs etc.

DVD/Hard-Disk recorders

Product Notes
MS Windows XP Media Centre Edition See this page
GuidePlus+ products :
Philips DVDR80 and HDRW720/725
Pioneer DVR530H,630H,920H
Panasonic DMR-EH50,52
See this page
Toshiba RD-XS32, 34 DVD/HDD recorder See this page
Tivo  Use code 20012 (Philips)It has been reported by one user that  Red-Eye works more reliably than Tivo’s Pace interface dongle. Unlike Red-Eye, The Tivo dongle also needs a seperate mains adaptor.


Customisable remotes, remote extenders, home automation

Product Code Notes
Philips Pronto, Marantz RC5000, RC5000i, RC5200, Onkyo Chad, and Yamaha Rav-2000 Please see the downloads page for configuration files for these devices, or see below for list of RC6 codes to program into these remotes
Logitech Harmony 525 Available in Logitech database – select Pace DI-2000T (Version 1) Including the brackets.
(Apparently the i and TV keys may be missing and need to be taught uing teach mode or an RC6 remote)
One For All Kameleon 4 URC-8040 S0133
Philips SBC RU885 remote 0160 i (info) key  not available.
The following Philips remotes also have code 160 listed and are likely to work, although possibly with reduced keys. Any feedback on these appreciated: SBC RU530, SBC RU545, SBC RU641, SBC RU631 SBC RU865
Philips SBCVL1400 wireless link Thanks to Stephen Richter for this info on the remote supplied with this video sender :  Works straight out of the box, no code input required – as it is programmed by default to work a basic Philips cable box no code is needed for setup. The keys available are basic but well enough to be workable and keys such as volume up, down, mute etc work the TV if that is programmed. Keys are as follows :

RedEye Function

Remote Key

RedEye Function

Remote Key

Channel Up/Down

Prog + / –

TV Guide

Menu & 2nd text button




3rd Text Button


Shift + up/down.left/right






N/A (Mutes TV)




1st Text Button

Control4 home automation system See drivers on downloads page


Product Code Notes
Panasonic VCR (NV-HD675B, NV-FJ710B, NV-F760 tested and confirmed working) 218 or 219 Set up as if  you’re using a Philips DTX36370 Digital terrestrial box. There is an addendum sheet that list the emulations and your Philips is code 218 There is also another addendum sheet that I discovered after abortive attempts at getting the VideoPlus+ codes matched to the Telewest channel numbers. The addendum said it can’t be done for *digital* satellite boxes, only analogue. However, VideoPlus+ is still some help as it does load the date and times correctly, but you have to select SAT and type in the 3 digit channel code manually. (Info from Phil Addison)
Some Panasonic VCRs send power on/off codes when code 218 is selected, possibly causing problems for multiple programme recordings. Code 219 has been found to avoid this (NV-FJ710B,NV-F760), Info from Stephen Richards and Stuart Clary.
(several models tested) 
84 All JVC VCR and DVD recorder models with satellite receiver control are believed to be compatible.HR-S7955, HR-S6855, HR-S7700 VCRs,  DR-MH20S DVD/HDR tested and confirmed as working.

Others, which should work (as the manuals list code 84), include HR-S9850, HR-J695/6, HR-J795 HM-DS1 (hard disk recorder), HR-DVS2 (DVD Combi). This is not a complete list – check your user manual. Some JVC manuals are available online here.
Info for the HR-S7700, which probably applies to other JVC VCRs : Make sure the Sat IR controller lead is plugged to the correct socket (there are two similar sockets). Configure in Initial Set using Brand 84 takes about 2 seconds to change the channel: watch it working when you type in the test channel number!  VCR Soft config requires you to set A/V/Video for input number L-2 – nb. SAT setting only needed for SVHS inputs, which the pace box doesn’t do Subsequently when programming (this is not obvious) select “SAT” in the program area (by pressing “0” and then you can type in the required 3-digit Cable Channel. (Info from Jonathan Berg)

Sony SLV-SF990G VCR 864
Sharp VC-MH835HM 38
Other VCRs etc. If your VCR can control a Philips  DTX6370 or 6371, it should work with Red-Eye.
If support for the DTX is not listed, it’s worth trying any other Philips Satellite or Digital Terrestrial, or OnDigital codes which are listed, as it’s possible that there may be Philips sat receivers that use the same codes for channel number selection. This has been found to be the case with one VCR manufacturer who claimed their product didn’t support the DTX.
Please let me know of any models that have been tested, whether they work or not.

Preprogrammed/Compatible remotes for use with Red-Eye

Philips DTV remote - click to enlargeOriginal Philips RC2580/01 remote for DTX6370 or DTX6371 On Digital receiver. Frequently available from Ebay UK for �or less – click here to search Ebay UK for this remote. Also available from Satcure
This unit also provides basic controls for many makes of TVs and VCRs, making it ideal for use when using Red-Eye via a repeater to control a cable STB from a bedroom etc. See this page for information on programming TV/VCR codes into this remote, or the Philips DTX6370 manual, section 11.

Red-Eye functions are shown in orange. (Click image to enlarge)

Skip and TV On Demand functions not available. (TVOD can be accessed via TV guide)

Supports code systems A and B. (To select code system : hold Power and Text buttons down for >3 seconds, then enter 160 or 161 for system A or B respectively.)

Wallis remote - Click for larger imageWallis replacement remote for Philips DTX6370/1 OnDigital receiver. code no. 90 57 96 07.
Available from Satcure Order code 90579607

This unit also controls Philips TVs and VCRs.

Red-Eye functions shown in orange. (Click image to enlarge) AV button sends same code as ‘0’

Skip and TV On Demand functions not available. (TVOD can be accessed via TV guide)

Supports code system A only (as far as I can tell..)

wpe89.jpg (47618 bytes)Classic IRC83087 Replacement for Philips DTX3670 OnDigital/Freeview receiver

Available from CPC, order code HS01246 (�84 + VAT)

Skip and TV On Demand functions not available. (TVOD can be accessed via TV guide)

Supports code system A only (as far as I can tell..)

One for All 4 digital - click to enlargeOne For All 4 digital URC-7541/44

Page-up and Page down functions not available if TV volume punch-through is enabled.

Red-Eye functions shown in orange (Click image to enlarge). AV button sends same code as ‘0’

Skip and TV On Demand functions not available. (TVOD can be accessed via TV guide)

Use the OnDigital (Philips) stick-on overlay, with code S0133 (Code system A) or S0134 (code system B) in SAT mode

wpe35.jpg (33058 bytes)One For All 6 URC7562
Although it has a profile for the DTX remote, the out of the box profile has some of the function keys missing. The function keys required to complete the array of keys that you need are detailed below. To programme the required function(s), steps 1-7 below must be repeated for each new function:
1. Press the sat key
2. Hold the Magic key until the red light blinks once and then twice
3. Enter code 994 (the red light will blink twice)
4. Press Magic once and let go
5. Enter the 3-digit code for the required function (see below)
6. Press the key you wish to assign the function to (e.g. the 20 key)
7. The red light will blink twice and that key should now function.
Codes : 432 : Select, 534 : Exit (Back), 624 :  Menu (Interactive), 460 : wide (Favorites), 314: Info, 300: guide, 536: TV
(OFA6 Info from Jonathan Berg).

When using any of the above remotes, the following keys are used for the functions marked differently to the IRDA remote:

IRDA key DTX key * The volume up/down buttons on the Philips DTX remote are used by Red-Eye to provide page-up/down functions   (currently only Telewest STBs support STB volume control). As those STBs which support volume (Currently only Telewest) only do so in large steps, it was thought that page-up/down was a more important function, so you should use the original remote to initially set the volume to a level that is consistent with terrestrial channels, VCR etc. and then use the TV remote to adjust volume.
Favorites Wide
Interactive Menu
Back Exit
Help Subtitle
Page Up Volume Up *
Page Down Volume Down *
TV On Demand Not available (can be accessed via TV guide)
Skip Not available
Volume up/down * see box on right
Home (Telewest silver remote) Not available
Guide (Telewest  silver remote) Not available
# (New NTL) Not available
Settings (New NTL) Not available

Blue RC5 Remote remote for 4001 cable box. Click for larger imageNew styl NTL Blue RC5 remote - click for large imageNTL Blue RC5 remotes (intended for the 4001 STB).
Important – Do NOT try using these remotes if you have a Pace 4000 STB, as the dual RC5/IRDA compatibility of these STBs will cause problems. These remotes should ONLY be used with the Pace 1000, 1010  and 2000 STBs, or Telewest Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4000DVB.
On the old style (Left), the Browse key perfoms the i (info) button function, and there is no favorites function.
With the new style (right), all the keys (including the new # and Settings) will work the same as the corresponding keys on the new-style NTL IRDA remote

Occasionally to be found on Ebay UK

Learning remotes which have been tested with Red-Eye’s teach mode

Please let me know of any learning remotes you have tested with Red-Eye’s learning facility, whether they work or not. Please include a small image (or link to one) if possible for identification, as identical remotes are sometimes sold under different names. No learning remotes have yet been encountered that have failed to learn codes from Red-Eye, although some have required some fiddling with distance, position etc.

Make/Model or identifying info Picture Comments
Wizard 8 way. Preprogrammed/learning
Philex Electronics Ltd. London NW9 7PP
wpe29.jpg (48153 bytes) Learns with no problems – hold Red-Eye 1-2 inches from the sensor (at bottom of remote). Unreliable if closer than 1 inch. This unit appears to be quite sensitive, as it would only learn from an original Philips remote when placed about a foot away – any closer and some codes didn’t learn correctly.
Remotec (Model unknown), also known as as “Visual 8”
Made in China 82660200001
8 way learning + preprogrammed
wpe2A.jpg (30755 bytes) Positioning of Red-Eye quite critical – needed to be in contact with window.
Philips RC8502. Learning only. wpe2B.jpg (44968 bytes) Positioning of Red-Eye extremely critical due to position of sensor in remote, but did learn successfully after a couple of attempts.
Cambridge Audio M500 learning remote wpe2D.jpg (8105 bytes) Reported as working fine – Red-Eye had to be taped on to the M500 for it to receive the IR signal
Cambridge Audio M700 learning remote wpe30.jpg (3588 bytes) Tested and works OK.
Sony RM-AV2000T, RM-AV3000T, RMV900L Tested and work OK. (RM-AV2100 reported to be critical of positioning)
Philips SBC RU865 wpe39.jpg (18405 bytes) Tested and works OK.
Palm Tungsten T PDA with NoviiRemote 2.1 Learnt codes OK
Cambridge Audio M1 Tested and works OK.
Marantz RC1200 wpe46.jpg (3262 bytes) Needed to be positioned a little away from the Red-Eye emitter, then learnt OK.
Harmon Kardon TC1000 Had to relearn a couple of codes but it got them all after three rounds
Onkyo RC-447M Refused to learn from either Red-Eye’s Teach mode or a Philips remote, so clearly a problem with this remote and RC6 codes.
Home Theater Master MX-500 wpe53.jpg (11745 bytes) Red-Eye needs to be within about 40mm of the remote front.
One for All Kameleon 6 in 1 UCR-8206 (second generation) wpe53.jpg (3147 bytes) Remote had to be touching redeye for it to learn.
NAD HTR2 wpe95.jpg (36669 bytes) NAD HTR2 can learn all codes. Programming was difficult until an appropriate method was found: Red eye must be positioned ‘upside-down’ at close distance (0-4 cm), subsequently remove NAD HTR2 from the redeye while recieving signals (appx 0.5-1 seconds).

Red-Eye RC6 code listing

Pace+RedEye function
(DTV3670/1 function in brackets)

RC6 code (hexadecimal) : all prefixed by:
6000 0073 0001 0000 0028 00xx for system A
6000 0073 0001 0000 002F 00xx for system B





































OK (Select)


TVGuide (Guide)


TVOD (not on DTX)


Favorites (Wide)


Interactive (Menu)


Ch up


Ch down


i (Info)




Back (Exit)


Help (Subtitle)








NTL skip (Not on DTX)


Page Up 34
Page Down 35
Volume Up (Not on DTX) 32
Volume Down (Not on DTX) 33
Home (Telewest silver remote) 36
Guide (Telewest silver remote) 37
Settings (New NTL) 38
# (New NTL) 39