Learn to Use The Borderlands 2 Conference Call

The borderlands 2 conference call (CC) is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 2 game. It is manufactured by Hyperion and may be obtained from many sources in the game. Any loot is a viable way of getting your hands on the conference call.

borderlands 2 conferrence call

The highest chances of getting it however are when you find the warrior in loot chests. The warrior located in the vault of the warrior may drop the conference call. Other characters who can drop this shot gun include Pyro Pete the Invincible and the Handsome Sorcerer located in Dragon Keep.


Here is how to increase chances of getting the conference call



Fight the warrior during ‘The Talon of God’ mission and be sure to win. After you defeat him, call in the moon shot on the console and the warrior will drop several legendary weapons. These may include the conference call, the Volcano, the handsome Jack, the Flakker and the Impaler. The chances of getting the CC this way are quite high but not certain.


If you do not get it do not save and exit. Rather, press the Xbox button on the dashboard and press ‘Y’ key. Restart the game and you will be able to fight the warrior again as a part of the mission. Note that fighting the warrior not as a part of the mission lowers your chances of getting any legendary drops.


What the conference call can do


With the conference call you will be able to fire 5 projectiles in a single shot. Upon impact or as they travels over a distance, these projectiles will generate other projectile. One projectile can spawn up to four projectiles as it travels. The additional projectiles released travel in a horizontal direction perpendicular to the initial projectile.


Each of the two projectiles spawned travel in opposite direction. This weapon is therefore great for fighting a large group of enemies and when you intend to cause a bigger damage. The magazine size is slightly increased whereas the accuracy is reduced.


The CC is somehow similar to the purple rarity Thinking shotgun. The latter has six projectiles but is 5% less accurate than the CC. The conference call on the other hand has the five projectiles which each do more damage than projectiles of the Thinking shotgun.


Increasing the damage potential


There are several ways how you can increase the damage potential of the conference call. You can obtain it with the ‘practicable’ prefix and the extra pellet count accessory and the initial number of projectiles will be increased from 5 to 7. The conference call will therefore be more powerful and capable.


Pair the conference call with The Bee shield and it will gain a dual-wielding Gunzerker which is almost unstoppable. With this combo killing Terramorphous the Invincible will not be a problem. You will win the mission with much ease.


As soon as you reach level 50 in Borderlands 2 you will be able to unlock the Conference Call and use it with Gaige’s Anarchy builds. It has the perfect weapon effect, magazine size and rate of fire to enable you cause more damage and gain stacks.