The Negative Aspects Of Herbal Cigarettes Smoking


One of the main issues herbal cigarettes opponents are concerned of is a harmful effect on health. Herbal ciggies do not contain nicotine, so the business is not subjected to mandatory certification and regulation procedures. However, we cannot be sure that such substitutes contain no other drug or psychotropic substances; and some independent studies confirm their presence. In any case, even if you trust the word of the manufacturer that the composition is represented by plants, the latter may be useful in any way, but not in the form of mixture for smoking.

The harmful combustion effect

Smoking any herbs, even the most rich in useful components, is harmful. The combustion of any dry plant produces toxic substances inhaled in the mouth and lungs. It is proved that the level of carbon dioxide in the blood rises when smoking herbal cigarettes. Moreover, herbal cigarettes contain toxins, carcinogens and tar. At the same time, overcoming nicotine addiction through smoking herbal cigarettes is not scientifically proven method.

Another vital aspect to pay attention to is the aim of such ciggies. Herbal cigarettes assist you with overcoming physical addiction to nicotine. However, according to medicine experts, the psychological dependence is something that tightens the rope; so this is where the option looks ineffective. Some researchers have put herbal cigarettes on a par with cigars, pipes and bidis, which reduce the effectiveness of tobacco control to nothing.

Herbal cigarettes precautions

Just be especially careful with the cigarettes positioned as ‘health beneficial’ – some researchers stick to the point that it is nothing but propaganda of smoking with an emphasis on the fact that instead of the classic tobacco cigarettes you can smoke herbal analogs. At some points herbal cigarettes may be particularly dangerous. Firstly, many young people start smoking such cigarettes, assuming such choice is safe. Secondly, those who try to smoke less may think that with herbal analogs they have no need in limiting themselves.

The Basics Of High Quality Essay Writing: Arguments Structure


The proof is a set of logical methods that justify the truth of any proposition with other true and related judgments. It is associated with a conviction, but not identical to it: the argument or evidence must be based on scientific data and socio-historical practices, while beliefs tend to be based on prejudice, ignorance of the people in some aspect or superficial visibility of evidence. In other words, clear evidence is based on arguments using facts, true judgments, and scientific evidence that convinces in the truth of what is at stake. Continue reading

English As Secondary Language In Leeds


Apart from a highly developed Leeds hotels network, the city stands out with its advanced education microclimate (thus, the number of educational institutions exceeds hotels in Leeds in number). Thus, the city houses the first school in the UK, where English is taught as a foreign language.

According to the Express newspaper, the school of new format expects 350 children from more than 50 countries around the world to enroll this year. The knowledge of English in these schoolchildren is extremely poor, that’s why the authorities of the institution decided to take such a desperate step. As stressed by Georgiana Sale, the head teacher of the school, just over a quarter of pupils consider English as their native language, while more than half of the children arrived in the country over the past four years, making it difficult to adapt to new conditions. Last year, school students aged 11 to 16 years old at the time demonstrated the worst GCSE results in English, mathematics and other subjects (Leeds greater area is taken into consideration). This fact forced the management to reflect on what further steps with English language. The school trained many students from Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

As stressed by the head teacher City of Leeds School, ‘many of our students not only to re-start to learn English, but they do not even know their mother tongue’. In some cases we are the first people who give a child a pen in hand, to learn and master the skills’. The school’s website has been updated with ads on recruitment of teachers, speaking Czech, Russian, Romanian and German. The management believes this will give an opportunity to help children adapt to new conditions and start learning English.