Learn to Use The Borderlands 2 Conference Call

The borderlands 2 conference call (CC) is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 2 game. It is manufactured by Hyperion and may be obtained from many sources in the game. Any loot is a viable way of getting your hands on the conference call.

borderlands 2 conferrence call

The highest chances of getting it however are when you find the warrior in loot chests. The warrior located in the vault of the warrior may drop the conference call. Other characters who can drop this shot gun include Pyro Pete the Invincible and the Handsome Sorcerer located in Dragon Keep.


Here is how to increase chances of getting the conference call



Fight the warrior during ‘The Talon of God’ mission and be sure to win. After you defeat him, call in the moon shot on the console and the warrior will drop several legendary weapons. These may include the conference call, the Volcano, the handsome Jack, the Flakker and the Impaler. The chances of getting the CC this way are quite high but not certain.


If you do not get it do not save and exit. Rather, press the Xbox button on the dashboard and press ‘Y’ key. Restart the game and you will be able to fight the warrior again as a part of the mission. Note that fighting the warrior not as a part of the mission lowers your chances of getting any legendary drops.


What the conference call can do


With the conference call you will be able to fire 5 projectiles in a single shot. Upon impact or as they travels over a distance, these projectiles will generate other projectile. One projectile can spawn up to four projectiles as it travels. The additional projectiles released travel in a horizontal direction perpendicular to the initial projectile.


Each of the two projectiles spawned travel in opposite direction. This weapon is therefore great for fighting a large group of enemies and when you intend to cause a bigger damage. The magazine size is slightly increased whereas the accuracy is reduced.


The CC is somehow similar to the purple rarity Thinking shotgun. The latter has six projectiles but is 5% less accurate than the CC. The conference call on the other hand has the five projectiles which each do more damage than projectiles of the Thinking shotgun.


Increasing the damage potential


There are several ways how you can increase the damage potential of the conference call. You can obtain it with the ‘practicable’ prefix and the extra pellet count accessory and the initial number of projectiles will be increased from 5 to 7. The conference call will therefore be more powerful and capable.


Pair the conference call with The Bee shield and it will gain a dual-wielding Gunzerker which is almost unstoppable. With this combo killing Terramorphous the Invincible will not be a problem. You will win the mission with much ease.


As soon as you reach level 50 in Borderlands 2 you will be able to unlock the Conference Call and use it with Gaige’s Anarchy builds. It has the perfect weapon effect, magazine size and rate of fire to enable you cause more damage and gain stacks.

How to Host a Conference Call in Real Life

Hosting a conference call in real life requires a lot of preparation. Organizing a conference meeting takes a lot of work, time and effort. The process is even more intense when the meeting is not to be done in person but over the phone. It is difficult to have all members attend, discuss and come up with productive solutions.


But it is not impossible to host a constructive conference call. It is very possible but you will be required to prepare thoroughly and conduct the meeting following all the guidelines enlisted here. Just follow through these steps and you will have successful conference calls in real life.


conference call in real life


Plan thoroughly


Good planning is the backbone of a great conference call. First of all you will be required to determine a date that is suitable for all members you intend to involve in the meeting. Once you set the date and time, communicate it to all members in advance and remind them at a later time.


The agenda of the meeting also needs to be planned in advance and communicated to the members attending. Get all the reference material you will need for the meeting and send it to the conference members in advance.


Choose a reliable conference calling service


A conference calling service that is not reliable will result in disconnects and other problems. Test the platform before you decide to use it as the platform for holding the meeting. Encourage the members to familiarize themselves with the platform so they have no problem using it during the call.


Send invites early


You cannot just plan a conference call meeting today and set it for tomorrow. Most people will have their schedules filled for the day and you may end up being the only one attending.


On the invites state the time and date of the meeting, objective of the meeting, agenda and the duration of the meeting. When the meeting time nears be courteous and send a reminder. The busy people may not remember unless you remind them.


Be early and take control


Since you are the one in control of the meeting, its success is up to you. The first step to ensure this is to be early for the meeting and make it easy for other members to join in.


Start with a roll call of all members so they know each other and the role they play in the meeting. Go first and then guide others through the procedure. Everyone should state their name, company they work for and their role. Encourage them to start with their names every time they speak.


Once you have established the members present, remind them of the agenda items. The discussion can then begin under your control. Be in charge of bringing order to the discussion like encouraging turn-taking so people can hear each other. Practice proper communication skills with authority but without being rude.


Keep time and finish the meeting on time.


Once the meeting comes to an end, thank all the members for attending and summarize the resolutions achieved during the meeting. Drop the call and sit down to summarize the highlights of the meeting. Quote these in the thank you email you will send as a follow up later. Inform the members of the next meeting as well.

Top 4 Drug Rehabilitation Apps

Nowadays smartphones have become a necessity and using it we can do almost anything. What makes the smartphones more interesting and worthwhile are the various interesting apps that you can download.


There are endless types of apps available – news apps, shopping apps, music apps, recipe apps, and also drug rehabilitation apps. The drug rehab apps help make the journey of giving up on drugs a lot easier. For example, there are some apps that provide you with detailed on a daily basis such as day 4 of opiate withdrawal or day 5 which for some can even be worse. There are different useful drug rehabilitation apps and we shall now get to discover some of the most popular ones.



1. Sober Grid


With already more than 25,000 downloads this app is very popular amongst those trying to give on substance abuse. After you download this app, you can find, chat with, and meet other people like you who too are trying to recover. Using the GPS on your phone the app will help you find out other people nearby who are using this app.


You can maintain your anonymity if you wish to. When you meet people in the same position as you are, it helps you learn how they are giving up on drug abuse, it makes you stronger, and your journey easier. It is a good idea to find out common day to day symptoms. For example, if you are trying to find out Tramadol opiate withdrawal timeline for symptoms then it is helpful to talk to others who may be experiencing similar issues. You definitely don’t want to go it alone, drug addiction recovery with tramadol may be easy or difficult, depending on the individual but it is always much easier if you have a support system to help you through it.


2. Squirrel Recovery


Created by Dr. Lander and Brandi Spaulding, a doctoral student, this app helps you make a support circle with other people who too are trying to give up on substance addiction. You can include 10 people in a circle and when you face trigger times, questions will pop up concerning your mood.


app for drug recovery


Reading your answers people in your circle will be able to understand how you are, and then they can react by offering you encouragement and support at the time you need it badly. The app also has a panic button which you can press when you need instant help from members of your circle.


app for drug users


Squirrel Recovery keeps a track of how many days you have stayed sober, and then it awards you with coins to keep you motivated.


3. Quit That


This app is useful when you try to quit anything, drugs, alcohol, coffee, junk food, just anything. It will keep track of the progress you have made. A record will be maintained of every hour and day since the time you give up, and it will also show you how much money you have saved. Another good thing about this app is that it has no ads to make you tired and irritated.


4. RecoveryBox app


Though this app has been around for quite some time but in early 2015 it got a great update that has made it all the more popular. This app has three lights, red, yellow, and green that helps you in your rehabilitation process. You need to register what you do every day and accordingly will be greeted with any of the three lights.


A red light suggests “acting out” behavior, a yellow light is a “ warning light” and the green light is for “ way to go” activities. Everything you register can be emailed to a friend, spouse, or anyone else. This app is very easy to customize and set up with your treatment plans and has motivators to make sure you do not move out of track.


Now that you are aware of some of the best drug rehabilitation apps, download either of them and make your journey towards sobriety a lot easier.